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Commercial Powder Coating Services

If you need powder coating for a medium to large commercial project, turn to Keystone Koating. We offer custom powder coating services, precision application and rapid turnaround times to meet all of coating needs. Since 1986, we’ve provided expert high volume powder coating services for businesses operating across a wide range of industries, including architecture, agriculture, manufacturing and other sectors. We also provide contract powder coating for governments and municipalities, enhancing fixtures such as park benches, light poles and various field equipment.

At Keystone Koating, we tailor our commercial powder coating services to fit your project specifications, match your needs, and exceed your expectations. We carry a wide selection of advanced coatings from the industry’s top manufacturers, including TCI Powder Coatings, IFS Coatings and Axalta Coating Systems. Our coatings are available in a range of stock colors, and we offer custom color matching by partnering with our powder coating suppliers.

Two High Volume Powder Coating Facilities

We have two facilities capable of large scale powder coating on items with unique profiles and oversize dimensions. Our largest systems are equipped with 20-foot load bars and capable of supporting maximum item weights of 1,000 pounds. Between our Lititz facility and our location in Mifflintown, our powder coating operations include a total of three automated lines and three batch powder coating systems. Each provides superior powder fluidization to promote an even spread and an adjustable electrostatic charge that attracts and keeps powder tight against your surfaces through baking.

Our Custom Powder Coating Services

At Keystone Koating, we make it easy to get powder coatings in the color, texture and thickness you want with fast turnaround times and attention to detail. Our commercial powder coating services begin with a personal consultation. We learn about your products and powder coating goals and discuss any special instructions for your order. From there, you will have a dedicated, in-house sales contact for the duration of the process that you can always reach for responsive action to your needs.

We count all incoming orders and inspect your products for damage, corrosion and residue. If we see any contaminants or damage that may affect the application of your coat, we will notify you before starting the coating process. Our team can recommend the correct preparation services to ensure your surfaces are ready for coating. Our industrial powder coating services are fully customizable, and we will help you create a solution to ensure the finished product meets all of your specifications.

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Depending on your project, we can tailor our powder coating solutions to include:


If you have any previous coatings, corrosion, scale or other residues on the surface of your products, we will remove them fast — and without damaging your products — using high-performance abrasives blasting. Our sandblasting service provides metal scoring to create a stronger bond with your surface coat.


Before any large volume powder coating, make sure your products are clean and optimized with our eight-stage pretreatment system. This proprietary system also optimizes your products for high volume powder coating, using a chrome-free seal with zirconium applied and silane technology to improve the bond.


For steel and aluminum products intended for outdoor use, we recommend using a primer coat before proceeding with any large scale powder coating. Primer adds an extra layer of protection to your product and helps your finish coat look great up to four times longer than products without primer layers.


If your items have holes, threads, machined parts or other spaces you want to cover during large volume powder coating, take advantage of our expert masking services. We mask your items by hand using efficient methods and professional masking products to ensure total protection.


Our large volume powder coating services provide a fast application while ensuring a complete and even coat. We use a combination of manual and automatic sprayers depending on the profile of your item and adjust the electrical charge for maximum powder attraction and coverage.


To ensure your items are prepared to withstand the toughest climates, upgrade your custom powder coating process to include Super Durable polyester. Super Durable polyester powder coating offers great color and gloss retention, and will maintain a vibrant appearance under prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.


A proper cure relies on meeting several requirements. We adapt our curing process for item size, thickness and material as well as the powder coating type and millage. Our team calculates the correct bake time and temperature, and we monitor throughout to ensure climate stability.


After curing, all orders go through quality inspection before leaving the facility. Our inspectors verify the quantity of your order, check for a complete and even finish coat, inspect for the proper millage, test for adhesion and more. We can also perform specialized inspections by request.

Post-Production Commercial Powder Coating Services

As your full-service provider for contract powder coating, we offer multiple services to ease the demand on your company resources. Our available post-production services include:

  • Product assembly: We can perform minor assembly for high volume powder coating projects of any size to help you save time, space and costs on labor.
  • Expert packaging: Our expert packaging includes packaging and palletizing in Gaylords and custom end user packaging using materials you provide.
  • Professional delivery: With our own drivers and fleet, we will deliver your order with speed and care.

Contact Keystone Koating for Industrial Powder Coating Services

Our high volume powder coating services and the powders we use are environmentally friendly and a safer alternative to paints and other damaging solvent-based coatings. We use proven processes developed over 30 years in the industry to deliver a superior finished product. We also maximize resource consumption at every stage to help keep your production costs low.

Get your free quote for large scale powder coating today or contact us for more information about the benefits that our commercial powder coating services can offer your business.

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