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Powder Coating Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloys offer multiple benefits in manufacturing and die casting, but even with their natural properties, they still require a protective finish coat for protection against wear and corrosion. Powder coating is an ideal solution, and it’s suitable for application on zinc products of virtually any shape or size. At Keystone Koating, we have the skill and experience necessary for powder coating zinc alloy products in volume quantities. We will develop a tailored and cost-effective process to achieve your desired results and match your specifications. 

Can You Powder Coat Zinc?

Products made from zinc alloy provide a perfect surface for powder coating and form an excellent bond. Like other metals, zinc alloys gain the best results from powder coating that’s combined with professional surface preparation. Zinc die cast products have a release agent left on them from the foundry that must be removed mechanically prior to coating. To prepare zinc for powder coating, we recommend blasting, pretreatment and a coat of specialized primer paint for the best results. Effective surface preparation prevents outgassing, pinholes, problems with adhesion and other common issues.

The Process for Powder Coating Zinc Alloy

At Keystone Koating, we can develop custom powder coating processes based on your project specifications. Depending on the composition of the metal, the product dimensions, the powder choice and other features unique to your order, we’ll tailor our zinc powder coating process to include:man powder coating metal

  • Abrasives blasting: Blasting is essential before powder coating zinc to remove die release agents and residues, including rust, scale, oil and welding ash. Removing surface residues helps promote strong adhesion and prevents coating failures.
  • Eight-stage pretreatment: Our eight-stage pretreatment system includes deep cleaning and application of sealants to strengthen the powder coat bond. We also perform microscopic scoring of the surface to promote a better grip.
  • Primer application: We’ll apply a primer compatible with the composition of your metal surface, preventing natural and galvanic corrosion and increasing coating adhesion. Our primers also add an extra layer of protection against wear.
  • Powder coating: Powder coating involves the use of an electrostatic charge for a full and even application. We’ll ground your products and apply charged powders that attract to your surfaces and cling there until they’re fully cured and ready for inspection.
  • Precision curing: To ensure a proper cure, we’ll take the powder and millage into account as well as your product dimensions and quantity per batch. After calculating the ideal time and temperature for a perfect cure, we’ll closely monitor the batch until curing is complete.
  • Quality assurance: All powder coated items in our facility undergo rigorous quality assurance testing by our trained inspectors. We’ll compare your finished products with your original specifications to be sure the adhesion, thickness, texture, color and cure pass our demanding standards.

The Benefits of Powder Coating Zinc Alloy

Powder coating zinc plating is a fast process that will protect your items with a finish resistant to water, weather, impact and wear. Unlike paint, powder coating is eco-friendly to apply and produces practically no waste or emissions, contributing to a more eco-friendly manufacturing process. When it comes to customization, you can get powder coating to match your style with dozens of stock colors to choose from and custom color matching by request with minimal lead time.

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To see how our powder coating in Lancaster, PA and other services can help you enhance your products, request a quote online, and be sure to ask about our value-added services. For more information about our process for powder coating zinc alloy, or to speak with a helpful team member about your project goals, contact us today.

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