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Capabilities and Processes

Keystone Koating offers a wide range of capabilities to suit your needs -everything from surface preparation to shipping your product.
  • Blasting
  • Primer
  • Masking
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
Keystone Koating Certifications

Certifications & Verifications

  • Powder Coating Institute (PCI)
  • AAMA 2605
  • Certified applicator of powder manufactured in compliance with AAMA 2605 standards.
  • JLG Certification
  • CCAI Membership
  • A Products Finishing "Top Shop"

Over 30 Years of Innovation

For over 30 years, Keystone Koating has researched, developed and applied powder coating technology. With a foundation in countless hours of real-world testing and experience, we continually improve our process.

Let us partner with you to...

  • craft a solution specific to your finishing needs
  • provide you with a variety of timely delivery options
  • put the finishing touches on your customer's product.
Over 30 Years of Innovation

Keystone Koating Solves 7 Powder Coating Challenges

With our decades of experience comes the knowledge on how to solve common powder coating challenges: 1. The Challenge: Faraday Cage Effect – when a product is shaped in a way that inhibits the electrostatic application of the powder from a particular area, curve or recess. It often occurs when spraying into a part’s corner, […]

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Certifications and Verifications

Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.