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Powder Coating for Architecture

Keystone Koating is your local supplier for quality powder coating services for the architectural industry. Our facility is equipped to process orders of significant volume with fast production times. We offer a wide selection of options to choose from, superior powders and a finish applied to meet strict design specifications. For over 30 years, architects and builders have trusted us to provide durable and lasting powder coating services with a high attention to detail. 

Quality Architectural Powder Coating That Meets AAMA 2605

Keystone Koating has successfully tested and passed all the required parameters to earn an American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) 2605 Verified Product Certificate, and a listing in the AAMA Verified Component List (VCL)

In addition, we use coatings that conform to the current American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 standards and deliver results that meet your stringent specifications. AAMA 2605 standards require powder coatings that offer superior performance and protection. Our options provide the enhanced resistance to ozone, moisture, weather and ultraviolet (UV) radiation necessary to earn this distinction.

We use powders from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including IFS Coatings, Axalta Coating Systems and TCI Powder Coatings, with a variety of compositions, textures and colors available to meet your needs.

Powder Coating Services for Facades, Railings, Window Frames and More

As your end-to-end architectural powder coating provider, we have the equipment and experience necessary to provide exceptional results for a wide range of building materials, landscaping items and much more. Common items we enhance include:Keyston Koating Mill Test

  • Doors
  • Light poles
  • Stair railings
  • Metal fencing
  • Window frames
  • Soffits and fascia
  • Ducting components
  • Racking and shelving
  • Skylights and mullions
  • Curtain walls and facades

At Keystone Koating, we offer many services to ensure a finished product that exceeds all your expectations. Ask your dedicated sales representative about the many ways we can help improve your finish coat and expedite your order. Our additional services include:

Eco-Friendly Architectural Powder Coating

Powder coating is an eco-friendly alternative to solvent-based paints and similar coatings. Our powder coating process produces no air pollutants or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). We employ other smart strategies to help limit our impact on the environment, including reclaiming and reusing unused powders and abrasives, using rainwater in our eight-stage pretreatment system, and using energy efficient infrared heating systems to expedite the curing process and reduce our carbon footprint.

Introducing KEYCOAT20

KeyCoat20 LogoKeystone Koating now offers up to a 20-year limited warranty on approved AAMA 2605 projects.

KEYCOAT20 is perfect for architectural metal applications, including curtain wall, exterior cladding, penals, windows, doors and extrusions.

Contact us to learn more, or to request approval.

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Powder coating is incredibly versatile, and our team has the skills and expertise to help you develop custom architectural powder coating solutions to suit practically any design application. Request your free quote today or send us a message online to get more information about architectural powder coating and our complete list of services.

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Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.

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