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Powder Coating for Commercial Automotive

Powder coating is a popular protective solution among automotive manufacturers, strengthening products such as coil springs, brackets and engine covers. At Keystone Koating, we provide high-quality and dependable powder coating services to increase your products’ durability, wear resistance and visual appeal. 

Our Comprehensive Powder Coating Services 

Keystone Koating is your go-to team when you need a powder coating partner to address the needs of your semi-truck fleet or your large inventory of automotive components. We have streamlined our services to make it easy to arm your automotive products with the necessary corrosion resistance and durability.

During our initial consultation, we will learn about your goals and needs to develop an appropriate course of action. You can choose from countless coating colors and textures from leading coating manufacturers. From there, we will take care of the entire process to save you time and money. Our full-scale solutions include: 

  • Preparation: Our blasting process prepares your material for a smooth finish and lasting bond. We then employ our eight-stage pretreatment process to clean and remove dust or other particles that may obstruct the finish. Finally, we coat your products with our top-of-the-line primers, allowing us to strengthen the bond and extend its use life.
  • Coating: We begin our coating process by electrically grounding your products. Our team will then spray charged powder particles onto the surface, where they are held in place until they are baked on within our curing oven. This quick process creates a long-lasting, smooth finish your customers can count on.
  • Testing: Before your products leave our facility, our quality control inspectors thoroughly review each one regarding adhesion, cure, thickness and overall appearance. These American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing procedures ensure your products exceed your expectations. 
  • Delivery: With our loading docks, professional drivers and fleet of trailers, we can deliver your completed project right to your location. We can finish and ship your products fast, often with seven- to 10-day turnaround times. 

A Company Steeped in History 

Keystone Koating is a reliable powder coating company that has provided Pennsylvania businesses with premium services since 1986. We operate out of two all-inclusive facilities with three production lines and three batch booths with manual and automated capabilities. They give us the space and resources to manage high-volume automotive orders, processing up to 1,000 pounds at each location. 

Our team offers custom powder coating solutions supported by our deep industry knowledge to help you create products that align with your needs. Throughout more than 30 years of operation, we have continued to improve and innovate our products and services to increase customer satisfaction. This innovation has resulted in numerous valuable integrations, including: 

  • On-site quality assurance testing.
  • Packaging services.
  • Minimal assembly capabilities.
  • Color matching opportunities.
  • Transportation assistance.

Contact Keystone Koating for a Free Quote 

If safeguarding your automotive parts is at the top of your list, Keystone Koating is the team you can depend on to help. Our powder coating services will provide durable and attractive components your customers will love. You can contact our professionals online to learn more about how we can help, or request your free quote today. 

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