Commercial Sandblasting Services

Sandblasting Services

Keystone Koating commercial sandblasting services are an industrial-strength solution for preparing metals for the finishing process. Since 1986, we’ve provided the highest-quality sandblasting services for businesses in many industries. Whatever you need, we’ll fit your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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Benefits of Industrial Sandblasting Services

Abrasive blasting has become one of the leading technologies in the metal fabrication industry and finishing sector. This finishing method has many benefits, including:

  • Thorough surface cleaning: Abrasive blasting effectively removes oil, rust, mill and laser scale, welding ash and other substances that make the metal surface uneven or affect your coating’s durability.
  • Better adhesion: These services are excellent for preparing surfaces to receive sealants and coatings since the media clears surface contaminants from the metal, allowing the fresh coating to adhere better. 
  • Lasting finishes: Professional abrasive blasting enables you to receive smooth, quality parts with reduced moisture buildup, cracking, bubbling and other issues.
  • Quick turnaround: Most surface finishing methods can take days to finish, but blasting uses aggressive abrasion to remove contaminants and prepare your parts for coating fast.
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Industrial Sandblasting Solutions

Keystone Koating offers a wide variety of industrial sandblasting solutions to meet your needs. We specialize in blasting for steel tubing and weldments, but our services are also suitable for other metal parts. Our equipment uses steel grit and aluminum oxide abrasive media. 

Our equipment and expertise allow us to perform several abrasive blasting services and help your next project succeed.

Sandblasting Services

The roller conveyor is a shot blasting machine that treats long or flat components by passing them through preparation, blasting and cleaning chambers on a roller conveyor belt.

The specifications for our roller conveyor blaster include:

  • Height: 17 inches
  • Width: 48 feet
  • Length: 30 feet
  • Media: Grit blast
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The tumbler blaster is a highly efficient machine for blast cleaning metal components without creating dust in the environment. The blaster tumbler processes part batches loaded onto the barrel rubber belt, exposing all the part’s surfaces to a cleaning solution with an accelerated abrasive slurry.

The manufacturer specifications for our tumbler blaster are:

  • Height: 10 inches
  • Width: 8 inches
  • Length: 48 inches
  • Media: Grit blast
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A hand-blast machine propels fine abrasive materials at high velocities to clean, deburr and remove old coatings and paint from the surface. This process smoothes the surface and adds a finishing touch.

Our hand-blast equipment’s technical details include:

  • Height: 7 feet
  • Width: 7 feet
  • Length: 22 feet
  • Media: Aluminum oxide
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Choose Keystone Koating for Industrial Abrasive Blasting Solutions Today

At Keystone Koating, our team of professionals has decades of experience in surface preparation and abrasive blasting. We also provide powder coating finishing services with options like epoxy, polyester and fluoropolymer. Our company holds AAMA 2604, AAMA 2605 and PCI 3000 certifications. We have built and maintained a reputation for five-star quality, rapid turnaround times and high-volume production capabilities.

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The Finish That Lasts

Reach out to us today to get a quote online to learn more and find the right commercial sandblasting services for you.