Powder Coating Near Mifflintown, PA

Do you need a high-quality, attractive finish for your industrial or commercial products? Powder coating, a dry finishing process that provides many advantages over conventional liquid paint, can meet your needs. This process can produce thicker layers without using potentially harmful solvents or volatile organic compounds. 

If your business is in or near Mifflintown, PA, Keystone Koating can provide reliable, cost-effective powder coating solutions that will add significant value to your products by enhancing their finish. Trust our decades of powder coating expertise since 1986 to deliver exceptional results for your projects. 

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Our Powder Coating Capabilities in Mifflintown

Our modern Mifflintown facility is fully equipped to handle an array of powder coating projects covering numerous industries and applications. We have the equipment and resources to execute every stage of your job in-house, from blasting and masking to coating and curing. Our advanced eight-step pretreatment system that prepares the surface and ensures maximum primer and powder adhesion is the highlight of our process. 

Our capabilities include rigorous testing overseen by well-trained, highly skilled quality control inspectors who use specialized equipment to conduct a comprehensive coating evaluation and ensure it meets our high standards. We can also provide assembly, packaging and shipping services to help get your finished products to your customers faster and more efficiently. 

Why Choose Us for Powder Coating Near Mifflintown?

Partnering with Keystone Koating for your company’s powder coating needs offers a host of benefits:

  • One-stop shop: Because we can do it all — from preparation to shipping — we can eliminate the hassles and potentially higher costs of using multiple companies for various steps. You’ll save valuable time, money and resources.
  • Short turnaround times: Do you need to get your products to market quickly? You’ll appreciate our fast completion times, even for high-volume projects with minimal lead times. 
  • Reliable results: Whether your goal is to achieve maximum corrosion protection, increase durability, reduce costs or protect the environment, our powder coating process can help you achieve these objectives.
  • Attractive appearance: Our wide assortment of stock colors enables you to create the perfect look for your products. The coatings are also available in various textures.
  • Proven expertise: We’ve earned numerous credentials that validate our knowledge and mastery of all relevant industry standards, including being a Custom Coaters Association International member, which verifies our understanding of the latest surface coating techniques. We’re also a Certified Applicator for various powder manufacturers and have attained PCI 3000 certification from the Powder Coating Institute.

Powder Coating for Multiple Industries and Applications

Our powder coating services can deliver excellent results for all types of companies. We’re a preferred choice for automotive manufacturers and original equipment manufacturer component providers, as well as agricultural equipment producers and industrial equipment manufacturers. Other industries we service include HVAC, architecture, commercial furniture and many others. 

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Our Mifflintown facility is conveniently located at 583 E. Industrial Drive. Call us at 717-436-2056 or contact us online to request a no-obligation powder coating quote today. 

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