Our Powder Coating Pretreatment Process

The Benefits of Powder Coating Pretreatment

Powder coating pretreatment cleans and seals products before powder application. Pretreatment is incredibly effective at removing oils, greases and other impurities. In many cases, powder coating pretreatment can eliminate the need for additional abrasives blasting, saving both time and money. Through different stages of the process, pretreatment seals products for extra protection and improved adhesion between the metal surface and the primer or powder coat.

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The Keystone Koating Eight-Stage Powder Coating Pretreatment Process

At Keystone Koating, our proprietary eight-stage powder coating pretreatment process exists in line with the rest of our processes for expedited completion. Our powder coating pretreatment process delivers excellent results and helps us meet strict specifications. To minimize our impact on the environment and help you maintain green manufacturing processes, we use reclaimed rainwater and dispose of wastewater using eco-friendly evaporation methods. Our process, detailed below, is also entirely chrome-free.

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Eight-Stage Powder Coating Pretreatment Process

The first step in powder coating surface preparation is an alkaline wash to remove contaminants like liquids, dust and soil.

Products go through two rinses to remove cleaning agents from step one and ensure the removal of remaining surface debris.

We apply an ion phosphate solution that pickles the surface and forms a coating to improve the bond and resist corrosion.

In steps five and six of the powder coating pretreatment process, items go through additional rinses designed to remove all traces of ion phosphate solution from step four.

The reverse osmosis rinse washes the product in pure water to eliminate leftover chemicals and contaminants from earlier.

As a final step in the powder coating pretreatment process, we apply a dry-in-place, chrome-free zirconium seal and use advanced silane technology to strengthen the bond.

Once your products reach the end of our eight-stage powder coating pretreatment process, we’ll put them through immediate drying to prevent the onset of corrosion. Depending on your specifications, your items will then move to the next step in your customized powder coating process.

Certifications and Verifications

Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.

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Take Advantage of Powder Coating Pretreatment

With the right powders, surface preparation and professional application from an established provider, you can get a powder coating finish made to last for years in the exact color, texture and thickness you want. Get a quote today, or send us a message for more information about our powder coating pretreatment process and other services.