Does Powder Coating Need Primer?

Industrial manufacturers, builders and consumers require metal products that keep their appearance. Depending on use, certain types of metals can degrade when exposed to outdoor elements. However, powder coating services help block out moisture, salts and oils from interfering with a surface.

The process of powder coating calls for attention to detail, and the slightest miscalculation can influence the overall quality of a metal’s finish. Using a primer is one way powder coating professionals ensure the long-term performance of your product’s powder coating.

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The Purpose of Powder Coating Primers

Primers are effective in preparing metals for outdoor installations and aquatic environments. Making sure that powder coating bonds to steel, iron, aluminum products and more, helps combat corrosion. If metal surfaces will be exposed to high levels of humidity, corrosive environments, or potential scratching, speak to a company that has expertise in using primers to ensure long-term durability.

The team at Keystone Koating uses a zinc-rich primer on steel products. This zinc is similar in nature to galvanizing. If during use the powder coating is scratched, the zinc will actually act as a sacrificial layer, and prevent the corrosion from creeping underneath the powder coating. On aluminum products, Keystone Koating uses a non-zinc primer which is an epoxy, as zinc is actually detrimental to aluminum.  

Both primers prevent corrosion from creeping underneath the powder coating and weakening the bond between the metal substrate and powder coating.  

The Benefits of Using Primers Before Powder Coating

At Keystone Koating, you can add zinc-rich or non-zinc primers to your powder coating service. After blasting the metal surfaces, primers can be applied for the following advantages:

  • Primers and powders slow down the speed of oxidation.
  • The application of powders is more consistent using primers.
  • Powders can more easily bond to metal edges.

Production Materials and Adding Powder Coat Primers

Does powder coating truly need a primer base? The answer to this question ultimately depends on the job. Metals prone to rust such as iron and steel can benefit from the extra precaution to ensure products can resist flaking and puncturing in the long term. Here are common metals that Keystone Koating will prime before spraying a powder coat:

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