Quality Assurance Lab

Quality Assurance Lab

At Keystone Koating, we have our own fully-equipped quality assurance powder coating testing lab we use to ensure your coatings meet or exceed all your expectations. Our lab performs multiple roles in helping us quickly test and implement new systems, technologies and products into our process. It is also an invaluable resource for performing the complete ASTM coating adhesion testing procedures to ensure quality under a range of conditions.

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The Advantages of a Quality Assurance Lab:

Our quality assurance lab helps us stay ahead of product development and ensure the quality of our finishes. Using our powder coating testing lab, we can test new products and systems as they hit the market and quickly implement those that deliver the best results. We can also quickly overcome issues during any step of the coating process to find out what took place and make sure it never happens again. Our coating lab offers multiple advantages that give you a dependable and attractive finish, including:

  • Testing new processes: With a lab, we gain the ability to investigate and test new technology
  • Troubleshooting coating issues: Our powder coating testing lab allows us to isolate and troubleshoot any problems that may occur.
  • Quality assurance: The quality assurance lab offers continual monitoring and testing of our process to ensure consistent quality.
  • Product testing: Powder coating adhesion testing assures our team that we are offering the highest quality primers and pretreatment.
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The Keystone Koating Powder Coating Testing Lab

The Keystone Koating lab is an internal resource we use to make sure our finishes deliver the results you need, want and expect. With the lab, we can explore how coatings respond to a wide range of environmental conditions before leaving our facility, eliminating unwelcome surprises and giving you confidence in your coating and provider choice. Our powder coating adhesion testing procedures follow American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards to ensure quality, dependability and consistency.

Our lab’s capabilities include:

  • PCI#8: The PCI#8 Solvent Cure Test helps us gain an accurate measurement for the quality of the coating cure.
  • ASTM D 6665: The ASTM D 6665 Boiling Water Test shows adhesion performance under exposure to high temperatures.
  • ASTM D 3359: The ASTM D 3359 Crosshatch Adhesion Test measures adhesion in extreme conditions.
  • ASTM B 117: ASTM B 117 Salt Fog Tests evaluate the test panels according to the ASTM D 1654 standard.
  • ASTM D 2794: The ASTM D 2794 impact testing is another method of adhesion testing that is very easy to replicate and get repeatable results.
  • ASTM D 522: The ASTM D 522 mandrel or conical bend test is a way to test the flexibility of the powder.
  • Independent verification: We do third-party testing through outside resources for almost all powder coating related test procedures.

Keystone Koating is also able to test according to ASTM G85 Annex 5 (Prohesion), which is a type of cyclic corrosion test. Cyclic corrosion testing is basically a combination of wet and dry cycles that simulates corrosion in an outdoor environment. Whereas ASTM B117 is a wet, humid test throughout the whole test length, ASTM G85 Annex 5 is a test consisting of hour cycles wet and cool, then dry and hot, for a corrosion test that is closer to real-life conditions.

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The Purpose of ASTM Coating Adhesion Testing

ASTM powder coating adhesion testing gives us an accurate reading that shows precisely how your coating will stand up to years of abuse from the elements. This process also allows us to measure the effect our surface preparation procedures can have on your coated products. Through testing, we can see how well our blasting services, eight-stage pretreatment system and specialized primers perform. After looking at the numbers, you can determine if you want to include surface preparation with your customized solution.

Our ASTM coating adhesion testing reveals:

  • Improvements for adhesion: Powder coating adhesion testing shows that a blasted profile adds significantly to adhesion quality and longevity.
  • The benefits of priming: Tests demonstrate that our primer process extends the life of the coating up to four times compared to non-primed surfaces.
  • The advantages of pretreatment: ASTM testing proves our pretreatment extends the life of the coating up to 200% over a white metal blasted surface alone.
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Certifications and Verifications

Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.

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