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Keystone Koating, part of the Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. family of companies, is looking for qualified and skilled people who are interested in employment, share our work values, and are willing to grow in a challenging and rewarding business environment.

Our Employment Options

Dave Saner | 14 Years | Mifflintown Plant

“As an employee of a Christian company, I feel comfortable sharing my Christian values. You feel more a part of the family if you can express that; there’s more of a godly attitude that comes out. They are top-notch people to work with.”

Joe Slautterback | 13 Years | Mifflintown Plant

“Because I’m friends with everybody here, even outside of work, it makes me care more about my job.”

Todd Carvell | 9 Years | Lititz Plant

“I enjoy what I’m doing and the people I work with. Every day there’s a new challenge to work with, and I’m treated well by my employees. I can tell they’re interested in my growth, and there’s room to grow.”

Jason Hockenberry | 13 Years | Mifflintown Plant

“The management team talks to you like “normal” people. There’s an even playing field. It’s like having family away from home. I know I’m gonna feel good about going to work. Being named a TopShop means we’re thriving. It has to be related. It says something about our work culture.”

Adam Witman | 17 Years | Lititz Plant

“I enjoy what I’m doing and it’s a good work environment. There are nice people and nice”

Our Best Work Stays Hidden

Our People

Much of the quality that our people bring is underneath your metal’s exceptional finish, where you can’t see it. If our team didn’t care, it would reveal itself later in rusting, coating delamination, peeling and more.

We’re grateful to have a team that brings years of experience to preparing and finishing your metal. We trust them, and we’re pleased to commend their work to you.

Come meet some of them…

A close up of a Keystone Koating employee spraying blue powder on product Keystone Koating employee spraying super durable polyester powder in demanding environment

The finish that lasts

Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.