Industrial Powder Coating in Pennsylvania

Industrial Powder Coating

Industrial equipment, like heavy machinery, requires protection in harsh environments. With Keystone Koating, we provide powder coating services in Pennsylvania for industrial applications to increase the durability of your equipment and keep its finishes corrosion resistant. We have years of experience handling high-volume orders, so you can count on us for the correct and efficient powder coating processes you need.

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Industrial Powder Coating Applications

Powder Coating is a dry finishing process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin, electrostatically sprayed onto a part to be coated. The parts to be coated are electrically grounded so that the charged powder particles adhere to the surface and are held there until melted and fused into a smooth coating in the curing oven. The result is a uniform, durable, high quality finish.

Many industries use powder coating because of its protective abilities. This durability, paired with its affordability and easy maintenance, makes powder coating ideal for industrial applications. Other benefits of powder coating include:

  • A smooth finish that is free of drips or impurities.
  • Efficient application for quick results.
  • A variety of color options for customization.

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Industrial Powder Coating Applications

Our powder coating solution finishes offer unmatched durability for industrial applications. We use the latest technology in the industry to give you a reliable and strong coating application. Our industrial powder coating methods include innovations from renowned brands like IFS Coatings, TCI Powder Coatings and Axalta Coating Systems.

With our coating systems, you can add a finish that outlives paint with resistance to chipping, fading and scratching. Our processes are also much better for the environment with very little emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Potential industrial applications include:

  • Heavy machinery: From construction to landscaping, heavy machinery needs to last in harsh environments. Dirt, sun and chemicals can all damage a layer of paint, but powder coatings can withstand these elements.
  • Aerospace: Much like heavy machinery, planes and other aerospace equipment must be able to handle changing atmospheres and harsh weather, and powder coating can ensure they do that.
  • Automotive: Many of the parts manufactured for the automotive industry need protective finishes, like components under the hood and door handles. In some car models, even the chassis receives a powder coating before being painted. Additionally, powder coating the handles and bars you see in public transportation vehicles like trains and buses can help them withstand daily use from hundreds of different people.
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Our Powder Coating Process for Industrial Equipment

At Keystone Koating, we use a comprehensive process to ensure our industrial powder coatings apply smoothly and last for a long time. With our two locations and in-house production, we have control over the complete coating process. We always recommend that the process start with blasting and pretreatment to ensure the coating material will adhere correctly and completely to your metal surfaces.

Our automated lines and batch systems efficiently coat your materials, and our durable polyester powder offers enhanced strength and UV resistance for harsh environments.

Another crucial aspect of our process is quality testing. Once our products go through the pretreatment, coating and curing process, we put the finishes through rigorous tests to ensure they have the durability and smooth application they need for success.

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Certifications and Verifications

Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.

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Choose Keystone Koating for Industrial Coating in PA

Protecting heavy equipment is valuable to a variety of industrial processes. Keystone Koating can support your powder coating needs with our industry certifications and over 30 years of experience. Fill out our quote form today or get in touch with our team to learn more about our powder coating process.