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Keystone Koating is your trusted provider for full-service powder coating solutions customized to meet your needs. We are an established powder coating contractor, delivering results that exceed our client’s expectations. With two locations in Pennsylvania supporting a total of three automated powder coating lines and three batch systems, we can process high-volume orders with exceptional turnaround times.

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Our High Volume Powder Coating Process

We Have You Covered from Start to Finish

Our personalized services extend beyond the application of superior powder coating finishes. At Keystone Koating, we have a comprehensive powder coating process that includes optional services to achieve your ideal results. Our powder coating process covers everything from start to finish, including preparation for coating, blasting and powder coating, and packaging and shipping for your convenience.


Blasting is a cost-effective technique for preparing surfaces for a smooth finish and strong bond. We use professional abrasives blasting to remove anything that could interfere with the powder coating process, including rust, oil, welding ash, laser scale, mill scale, and more. Removing these residues to create an even surface helps prevent cracking, bubbling and moisture buildup in your finished product. Blasting also roughens metal surfaces at the micro level to promote a strong bond with primers and powders.

Depending on your needs, we offer two abrasives to choose from:

  • Steel Grit: Steel grit is used for steel materials in thickness 11 gauge and higher, with a maximum dimension of 48″W, 17″H and 300″L.
  • Aluminum Oxide: Aluminum oxide is suitable for any metal 16 gauge or thicker, and we can process items up to 72″W, 72″H and 228″L.
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Masking is a vital step if your products have threads, holes, studs, machined parts or other areas you want to keep clear of powder during coating. At Keystone Koating, we provide precision masking services you can add to your powder coating procedure. Our dedicated masking teams use advanced products to protect even the smallest areas and apply them using precise, time-saving techniques to maintain high finish quality and fast turnaround times.

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8 Stage Pretreatment

Pretreatment cleans and prepares your surfaces to ensure your primers and powders make an effective bond with your metal surfaces. Pretreatment is a powder coating cleaning process, designed to prepare surfaces through the application of various treatments. Together, these treatments make sure your surfaces are free from residue and enhances them for a better appearance and lasting durability.

At Keystone Koating, we offer a proprietary 8 Stage Pretreatment process to ensure your metal surfaces are clear of any contaminants and optimized for powder coating. To clean your products, we use a wide range of solvents and techniques, rinse at multiple stages and immediately dry them to prevent corrosion. We offer several conversion coatings for greater adherence with primers and powders.

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Primers provide a layer of protection for your products and help strengthen the bond with your powder coat. The powder coating primer process adds enhanced resistance to corrosion and is the perfect addition for metal surfaces destined for outdoor applications. With the right selection, you can prevent rust and oxidation even in areas with severe weather, coastal breezes, excessive moisture and high humidity.
Our priming system provides an even coat while controlling overspray to limit costs and reduce the impact on the environment. When it comes to quality, our primers are the most effective on the market and, for exterior applications, will extend the life of your coating up to four times longer than surfaces lacking a primer coat.
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We combine our industry expertise with the latest technology to deliver superior adhesion for your selected powder coat. We deliver a positive electrostatic charge to your powders before loading them into our spraying system and ground your metal surfaces for an opposite charge. When sprayed, the charged powders attract to your products and cling to them, remaining tight against the surface until bonding is complete.

We have two locations to handle a wide range of requests and are capable of processing significant quantities with fast turnaround and delivery. Each site offers coating through batch systems and automated powder coating lines.

Our Lititz plant is home to two batch systems and two automated coating lines:

  • Automated line: Maximum, with primer: 36″W x 72″H x 240″L, weight 1,100 lbs.
  • Automated Line: Maximum, without primer: 24″W x 58″H x 72″L, weight 300 lbs.
  • Batch systems: Maximum with primer: 42″W x 72″H x 192″L, weight 800 lbs.

Our Mifflintown location has one batch system and one automated line:

  • Automated line: Maximum, with primer: 36″W x 72″H x 192″L, weight 1,100 lbs.
  • Batch system: Maximum with primer: 42″W x 74″H x 204″L, weight 800 lbs.
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Super Durable Polyester Powder

If you want to improve the quality of your powder coat, upgrade to our Super Durable powder. Super Durable powder is made for use in harsh climates and demanding environments.

This powder enhances your finish with improved resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light and excellent protection from corrosion. Upgrading is easy, and Super Durable powder is available in an array of stock colors.

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Our powder coating curing process is the result of over 30 years of continued innovation and development, and our industrial ovens offer precision control over the curing process. We use our expertise to set your order to cure at the precise temperature and time for effective and efficient curing. To ensure an even cure, we routinely check and log the temperature for accuracy and consistency throughout the process.
Cure time and temperature will vary depending on the powder, thickness and other specifications for your order. Any miscalculation can have a significant impact on the outcome of your finish. In most cases, the entire curing process is complete in under 25 minutes, with average baking temperatures ranging between 325 degrees and 400 degrees F.
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Quality Testing

We employ rigorous quality testing procedures before your order leaves our facility to ensure the finished product meets our demanding standards and all of your coating specifications. Our Quality Control (QC) process includes a thorough review of your coatings using specialized equipment.
All of our QC inspectors have the training and skill to identify any rare instances where a product requires our additional attention. For all orders, our QC process includes an inspection of powder coat adhesion, cure, millage (thickness) and the overall visual appearance. If you would like us to perform additional inspections, we are happy to accommodate your request.
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If your products require assembly, let us take care of it for you. After QC inspection, our in-house assembly services help you save time and resources when getting your products to market. We’re able to complete minor assembly on your coated products and components.

Our professionals are trained in the handling and assembly of your products, and we strictly follow your requested guidelines.

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Custom packaging is available for products headed for retail or wholesale markets. Using the packing materials you provide, our teams will pack according to your specifications to ensure your products, the package and the presentation meet your expectations and impress your customers.
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We are your trusted provider for all the services you need to achieve an excellent finish and get your products shipped fast. Our facility is equipped with loading docks to accommodate our fleet of 48′ and 53′ trailers operated by our own professional drivers.
We deliver your completed order to your location with direct shipping, and have regular pickup and drop off service available with an ongoing agreement.
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Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating services.

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Keystone Koating provides high volume B2B powder coating at our facilities in Lititz, PA and Mifflintown, PA.