Why AAMA verification matters in powder coating


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Why AAMA verification matters in powder coating

AAMA verification, powder coating

Rick Gehman, president of Keystone Koating

Powder coating plays a crucial role in improving and extending the life of architectural structures. It enhances the appearance of many projects, from window frames to railings to building accessories, and more.

For years the architectural community has recognized AAMA 2604 for testing and performance of organic coatings on architectural aluminum extrusions and panels.

This specification published by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) provides assistance to architects, owners and contractors to specify and obtain factory-applied organic coatings, which will provide and maintain a high level of performance in terms of film integrity, exterior weatherability and general appearance over a period of many years.

Keystone Koating has successfully tested their process in accordance with AAMA 2604-13 and is one of only 15 facilities (1 of 12 companies) listed on the American Architectural Manufacturers Association Verified Component List (VCL) as a paint applicator for AAMA 2604-13 (High Performance Organic Coatings).

This verification is a beacon to architects who choose powder coating for their structures because it means they can be confident in Keystone Koating’s ability to provide metal protection that’s the most sustainable.

To qualify requires testing in accordance to the following criteria:

    • Color Uniformity

    • Specular Gloss

    • Dry Film Hardness

    • Film Adhesion (Dry, Wet, Boiling Water)

    • Impact Resistance

    • Abrasion Resistance

    • Chemical resistance (Muriatic Acid, Mortar, Nitric Acid, Detergent, Window Cleaner)

    • Corrosion Resistance (Humidity, Salt Spray)

    • Weathering (South Florida Exposure color retention, South Florida Exposure chalk resistance, South Florida Exposure Gloss retention, South Florida Exposure resistance to erosion)

Powder coating enhances the appearance of many projects, including ones shown here in these images from Key-Link Fencing.

In addition to successfully passing testing in accordance to AMMA 2604-13, Keystone Koating is also certified by multiple powder paint manufacturers as an applicator of their AAMA 2604-13 approved powders. Likewise these verifications were only achievable by passing much of the same criteria as required by AAMA as well as plant audits to verify our coating processes are able to deliver long-lasting performance.

“This was a significant achievement and I’m really proud of my staff,” said Rick Gehman, president of Keystone Koating. “I’m also excited for the potential it offers in expanding our list of clients who seek architectural coatings.”

“There would be a fair number of powder coaters which, while they would use AAMA-certified powders, have not achieved the performance testing as required by AAMA to prove the ability to meet all performance requirements,” explained Sylvan Martin, purchasing & systems manager.

Keystone Koating is both AAMA 2604-13 verified and powder-manufacture certified, so contractors can be assured that the powder will be properly applied.

“It’s a fairly elevated performance standard,” added Andy Weaver, sales manager at Keystone Koating. “For companies concerned about the life of their coatings, the architects should require that any third-tier (subcontracted) company be an AAMA 2604-13 verified company.”

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