Drain Hole for Powder Coating

Powder coating services allow professionals to assign unique colors and textures to metal products. Whether your industry works with aluminum, steel, zinc alloys or iron, applying finishes to machines and consumer products helps combat corrosion.

Companies of all sizes have different needs for their merchandise, and powder coating is a great way to keep production runs consistent with timelines faster than standard painting. Depending on the type of product you want to powder coat, you may have to incorporate drain holes for clean-looking results.

What Is a Powder Coating Drain Hole?

Powder coating drain holes promote fast and even drying, as they release moisture buildups that can develop during pretreatment processes. No matter if metal products are submerged for cleaning, or sprayed to eliminate dust and contaminants, these drainage points are essential for any size item.

A lot of water is used during the pre-treatment process. Depending on the design of your product, this water can get trapped in certain areas of your parts. To apply powder coating evenly, and to cure the powder coating correctly, all moisture must be removed from the parts. This is accomplished by having your parts go through a dry-off oven. However, an oven will not dry out puddles or trapped moisture; that moisture must be drained prior to applying the powder coating. If there is trapped moisture when a part goes through the final curing oven, it will reach boiling point and spill out over the part and ruin the powder coating. Even if the moisture does not boil out, it will prevent the metal from getting to the proper curing temperature, resulting in a significant decrease in the performance of the powder coating.

Designing Products for Powder Coat Hanging

Powder coat drain holes leave room for liquids to escape, and these should be accompanied by holes for hanging. Powder coating requires an electrical connection, and therefore products need to be hung through a hole utilizing a metal hook that allows the electrical connection. No two powder coating tasks look exactly the same, so hanging holes allow for flexibility during the spraying and drying process. The team at Keystone Koating would be glad to review your product with you, and discuss placement of hanging holes, and if additional drain holes are necessary.  

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