The Benefits of Powder Coating Outdoor Furniture 

The Benefits of Powder Coating Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture must withstand the elements and changing weather conditions. When investing in outdoor furniture, businesses like restaurants and bars look for quality and durability from manufacturers. Using the right treatment processes can help these businesses offer better seating areas to customers. 

Can Outdoor Furniture Be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is a protective application that bonds powder to metals using electrostatic waves. This treatment method has several applications across industries and can be applied to outdoor furniture. With powder coating, outdoor furniture manufacturers can enhance the functionality and durability of outdoor furniture. 

How Does Powder Coating Work? 

Powder coating is a comprehensive process that provides care and protection to products like outdoor furniture. While each powder coating company offers unique services, some of the standard stages of powder coating include the following: 

  • Pretreatment: In the pretreatment stage, teams will prepare products for powder coating to get improved final results. Cleaning and blasting furniture can strengthen the powder coat’s bond to the metal surface. Blasting uses abrasives to remove previous coats or rust from furniture surfaces, while cleaning removes substances and impurities. Some metals, like steel and aluminum, might require priming before receiving coatings. Teams will also mask holes and other imperfections to ensure consistency during the coating stage. 
  • Coating: Once the metal is ready, the team will begin the coating phase. Technicians will electrically charge powder particles to apply them to the metal’s surface. 
  • Curing: During the curing stage, teams bake the furniture to seal the bond between the surface and apply the desired finish. Curing conditions will differ depending on the product’s material, powder thickness and size. Various products might have different curing temperatures and time requirements to ensure the best results. 
  • Testing: Before coating teams can return your products to your care, they conduct tests and inspections to ensure quality. Many manufacturers use powder coating to provide products with specific properties, like weather resistance. Testing checks that products can withstand conditions and provide increased durability. Inspections look for inconsistencies or missed areas so that you can receive the best treatment and coverage. 

Understanding the various steps involved in powder coating can better prepare your organization for partnering with a treatment provider. 

4 Benefits of Powder Coating for Outdoor Furniture

4 Benefits of Powder Coating for Outdoor Furniture 

Powder coating offers several benefits. Compatible with several metals, businesses can use this treatment method on their outdoor furniture for excellent results and increased functionality. 

1. Increases Durability 

When you want to provide your outdoor furniture with comprehensive protection, powder coating can be a solid solution. Outdoor furniture has unique needs compared to indoor applications because it needs to withstand local weather patterns, long periods under the sun and consistent use. 

Powder coating improves metal durability by shielding it from the elements and adding more strength. This finish option prevents rust from forming on metals, allowing outdoor furniture to withstand moist climates and frequent rain. Increased corrosion resistance makes outdoor furniture safer for guests by making them more secure and reducing the risk of scratches. When it is strong and durable, your furniture can help create trust and positive experiences with your visitors. 

In addition to rust and corrosion protection, powder coating can strengthen the furniture’s surface. Metal is prone to scratches and dents without the proper treatment, reducing its quality and presentation. When you want to preserve your outdoor furniture’s surface, powder coating can protect against several threats for a more enjoyable visitor experience. 

The longevity of treatment depends on several elements, like processes and products used. Under the right conditions, powder coating can protect the furniture for a long time — around 40 years

2. Caters to Aesthetics

Businesses rely on furniture to support their aesthetics and environment. Furniture can tie looks together and create the atmosphere that owners and customers desire. When you want to provide your customers with comfortable furniture during their visit, powder coating can increase customization and aesthetic creativity. This treatment method gives businesses more control over their furniture’s appearance, including the following elements: 

  • Color: Powder coatings can come in any color, allowing businesses to fit furniture seamlessly into spaces. With powder coating treatments, you decide between many color options, including metallic choices, neon hues and veined designs. 
  • Finish: Furniture design also includes the furniture’s finish. Powder coating is compatible with several finish options, such as flat, gloss, metallic, satin and transparent. This customization option gives businesses more control over their furniture selections to create the aesthetic they want. 
  • Texture: Different furniture textures create patterns and unique features on the piece’s surfaces. Powder coating teams can use powder coating to apply smooth or wrinkled feels for increased customization. 

Furniture design can help businesses match their furniture with existing fixtures, fabrics and accessories like pillows. Additionally, long periods outside can cause the color to fade, reducing the aesthetic impact of your furniture. With powder coating, you can treat your furniture to withstand fading for long-lasting results. 

3. Ensures Uniformity 

Powder coating is an excellent solution for increased product consistency. Compared to paint and other coating options, powder coating’s application and curing processes allow businesses to enjoy outdoor furniture that has received uniform treatment. Products will have an even coating across their surfaces. When you want more uniform product care, powder coating will ensure the entire surface receives equal treatment. 

Powder coating also gives manufacturers more control over coating thickness for optimized protection and customization. Clients who want increased protection can receive thicker coats, allowing their products to endure more extreme conditions and applications. 

4. Supports the Environment 

If sustainability is important to your business, you may find comfort in knowing powder coating is more environmentally friendly than paint or other options. Powder coating is free of solvents, eliminating the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). This treatment method can better protect ecosystems and the environment. 

Powder coating also offers a waste-free solution. After applying the overspray, teams can collect and reuse any leftover particles that don’t stick to the outdoor furniture. Once used, your powder coat will remain on your furniture without scratching or chipping, while paint chips can introduce toxins to environments. When you want to reduce waste at your company, investing in getting your outdoor furniture powder coated can improve your impact on the environment and local ecosystems. 

Apply Quality Powder Coating With Keystone Koating

Apply Quality Powder Coating With Keystone Koating 

When you want to benefit from powder coating your outdoor furniture, you need the right partner. Keystone Koating works with organizations at every step of the coating and treatment process, from pretreatment, curing and testing to shipping products back to you. With experience working with several industries, you can trust our expertise to provide your products with the individualized care they need. 

Keystone Koating can handle any project volume with amazing turnaround times. When you want quick results, you can count on our services to return your products with quality treatment and minimal time. Our wide selection of colors and textures provides outdoor furniture manufacturers with optimized customization. 

Contact Keystone Koating today to request a quote and discover the benefits of powder coating your outdoor furniture with us! 

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