Quality Assurance Lab

Advantages of a Quality Assurance Lab:

  • ability to investigate and test new technology
  • ability to troubleshoot any coating issues
  • continual monitoring and testing of our process to ensure consistent quality
  • assurance that we are offering highest quality primers and pretreatment

Our lab capabilities include:

  • ASTM B 117 Salt Fog Tests and evaluating the test panels according to ASTM D 1654
  • ASTM D 3359 Crosshatch Adhesion Test
  • ASTM D 6665 Boiling Water Test
  • PCI#8 Solvent Cure Test
  • Keystone Koating is now able to test according to ASTM G85 Annex 5 (Prohesion), which is a type of cyclic corrosion test. Cyclic corrosion testing is basically a combination of wet and dry cycles that simulates corrosion in an outdoor environment. Whereas ASTM B117 is a wet, humid test throughout the whole test length, ASTM G85 Annex 5 is a test consisting of hour cycles wet and cool, then dry and hot, for a corrosion test that is closer to real life conditions.
  • providing 3rd party testing through outside resources for almost all powder coating related test procedures

Our lab tests reveal:

  • a blasted profile adds significantly to adhesion
  • our primer process extends the life of the coating up to 4 times compared to non-primed surfaces
  • our pretreatment extends the life of the coating up to 200% over a white metal blasted surface alone
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