Keystone Koating Named a "Products Finishing" Top Shop


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Keystone Koating Named a Products Finishing Top Shop

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Keystone Koating was named a 2020 Top Shop by Products Finishing magazine. This is the sixth year in a row that Keystone Koating was named one of the best metal finishing shops in North America.

Analysts from Gardner Intelligence combed through aggregate data submitted by hundreds of survey participants from the U.S., Canada and Mexico to identify trends indicating how finishers are performing and how companies can use those data to identify areas for growth and improvement. Shops were measured based on more than 50 operational metrics including lead time, on-time delivery, first-pass quality yield and finishing equipment usage, among others.

Keystone Koating president Rick Gehman said, “We’re honored again to achieve Top Shop recognition. It is a reflection of our employees and their ability to consistently achieve great results.”

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