Why Powder Coating Is Peeling and How to Fix It

Why Powder Coating Is Peeling and How to Fix It

Powder coating typically provides robust protection against wear and tear. This surface coating method is durable and adheres better than paint, keeping a better finish for longer. Despite its durability, a powder coating can still flake and peel over time. A peeling powder coat leaves the metal with an unappealing look and exposes it to corrosion, meaning it won’t last as long. Here are a few reasons your powder coating might peel and how to fix it. 

Why Powder Coating Is Peeling Off

Powder coating may peel off for several reasons. If it begins to peel very soon after it is coated, it is likely due to a flaw in the preparation method. It can also peel due to damage or aging. Here are the most common reasons your coating might peel:

  • Surface preparation: Oils and contaminants on a metal’s surface can prevent proper adhesion. An in-depth surface preparation procedure can increase durability. 
  • Substrate material: Metallic substrates like steel and aluminum work well for coating, while soft materials like plastics do not. 
  • Equipment or technique: The equipment and application techniques used can impact how long a layer will last. Professional equipment and services keep a coating better for longer. 
  • Regular wear and tear: An area exposed to frequent impact will peel faster. For example, powder-coated parts of heavy machinery will likely peel in areas where they rub against one another.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) light: Equipment used outside is often exposed to high levels of UV light. This light can break down the coating, making it weaker and more likely to flake off.

How Do You Fix Peeling Powder Coating?

When a powder coat begins to peel, your best option is to get it redone. This process involves blasting off any flaking coat pieces, then sanding the edges to provide a smoother surface where the old and new coatings will overlap. Once prepared and thoroughly cleaned, the piece can go through a normal powder coating process. 

Note that applying a new coating to only certain areas will likely provide an uneven finish. While it will still protect the material, it may not look as smooth as you would like, especially on a glossy surface. The piece must be blasted until the bare metal is exposed everywhere to achieve a smooth finish. Then, a new coat can be applied. 

Powder Coating From Keystone Koating

We can recoat your peeling equipment to provide better protection and a cleaner look. We can apply a new powder coating across the entire piece, and we can get it done quickly and professionally. Contact us for a quote

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