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Take a look around our new website!

Powder Coater's new website

We’re excited to announce our new, mobile-friendly website at KeystoneKoating.com, with more images, easy navigation, and more information that spotlights our capabilities, value-added services, environmental advantages and our staff.

“Our new website represents our customer type and capabilities better,” said Rick Gehman, president of Keystone Koating LLC and PBZ LLC. “It captures well who we serve and what we do best.”

Jim Wall, manager of the Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. marketing department, noted that there have been several upgrades to Keystone Koatong’s powder coating process. “We wanted to highlight those upgrades in a more adaptable website design.”

Those upgrades include an improved topcoat and two new small booths for smaller jobs. Also, Keystone Koating has earned industry prestigious verifications and certifications that are now highlighted on the site.

Among the popular pages on the site is that which highlights staff members.

“An intentional emphasis was placed on the people and the culture they create that make the entire powder coating process work,” said Daniel Kreider, redesign project manager.

“Imagery and wording was carefully selected to highlight Keystone’s close relationship with the manufacturers they serve, and the trust those manufacturers have in Keystone to handle large orders while maintaining a superior, high-quality finish”

The responsive design enables mobile users to immediately connect with Keystone Koating via phone , email, or contact form.

The new website also enables visitors to view Keystone Koating’s in-stock colors, displaying gloss, gloss rating, and surface type.

“We are excited to have an updated website that captures the heart of our values…relationships with our customers and employees,” added Rex Blevins, general production manager of Keystone Koating in Mifflintown.


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