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Keystone Koating named a ′Top Shop′ for second consecutive year

Keystone Koating presidentKeystone Koating has earned a Products Finishing Top Shop award for the second consecutive year, and the president of the powder coating firm, Rick Gehman, was featured in the September issue of Products Finishing Magazine.

“If our team didn’t care, it would reveal itself later in rusting, coating delamination and more,” says Gehman. “We’re grateful to have a team that brings years of experience to preparing and finishing metal. We trust them.”

“Top Shops” were chosen based on responses from an industry benchmarking survey pertaining to finishing technology, operations, best practices and business operations.

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Keystone Koating named a ′Top Shop′

Top Shop

Keystone Koating has been named one of the best finishing shops in North America, according to an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine, a trade publication which has covered the industry since 1938.

The magazine conducted an extensive benchmarking survey that analyzed hundreds of finishing companies in several different areas, including Current Finishing Technology, Finishing Practices and Performances, Business Strategies and Performances, and Training and Human Resources.

Only the top 50 shops were given the honor of being a Products Finishing magazine ′Top Shop′ based on a scoring matrix in those four criteria. Seven of the Top Shops were located in Canada, and the remaining 43 were located in the U.S.

“Keystone Koating has established itself as one of the best finishing operations in the industry,” said Tim Pennington, editor of Products Finishing magazine, “The criteria we used was very stringent, and only the top finishing shops that excelled in all four areas made the list.”

“This is a great accomplishment for our team,” said Rick Gehman, president of Keystone Koating. “I’m very proud of the hard work, dedication and excellence that each one of our team members puts into their work.”

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